Project Manager


Track, execute and report on AR and other projects
across their lifecycle

With Project Manager, you can efficiently track, execute and report on AR and other influencer management projects of any type and size, across their lifecycle – from inception to completion, and all the stages in between. AR pros juggle a lot of projects — managing the many details, deadlines and deliverables related to vendor evaluations, general research reports, “analyst day” events, product/feature launches and more. Project Manager keeps you organized, on task and collaborating, so no one drops the ball.

More than 8 in 10 AR pros say insights gained from analysts and other influencers are “important” or “very important” key performance indicators (KPIs). Don’t let that feedback fall into a black hole! Use Project Manager to track and manage follow-up on key insights — around marketing messaging, product functionality, go-to-market strategy, etc. — that require action and closure.

Manage project workflows

Our customizable templates for common project types — such as vendor evaluations, events, analyst insights and more — help you identify important information to collect and to-dos to follow up on.

Ensure process adherence and data integrity

By providing a standard way to track projects and measure their progress, Project Manager gives your team a framework for success.

Involve other people

Many AR projects require collaboration not just with AR team members, but also with other departments and executives in your organization. You can use Project Manager to assign tasks to those outside AR — automatically notifying participants via email of what they need to do.

Make sure steps aren’t missed

Project Manager gives you a visual look at what needs to be done, by whom and when at each project stage, so you can advance your projects from one phase to the next, and won’t miss milestones or data.

Report on projects and monitor results

Easily filter, sort and report on projects of all types. You can also analyze and track trends in project outcomes over time.

Keep everyone on the same page

Your team members have central visibility into how projects are advancing and what’s next. From within Project Manager, they can also add and access interactions, associated analysts/influencers, content and other information tied to the project at hand — which others can view in real time.

Key Features of Project Manager

ARchitect provides all users with the ability to associate interactions with projects. Our Project Manager add-on goes much further, with:

  • Easy-to-use, customizable templates for managing common project types (e.g., vendor evaluations, insights, events), developed with extensive input from AR pros.
  • The ability to organize projects into stages, which you customize or define.
  • The ability to set stage restrictions — specifying that a project can’t advance to the next phase until certain information is entered.
  • Collaboration features and task management, both for fellow team members, as well as others in your organization.
  • Repeatable processes for managing analyst and influencer insights to ensure proper follow-up and closure.

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