August 4, 2021 — The ARInsights team is excited to share three new enhancements, designed to make your ARchitect experience even easier and help you access the info you need even faster:

  • Viewing “Analyst Power 100” Rankings in ARchitect
  • Managing Coverage Notifications
  • Staying Organized with Ascending/Descending Sort

Follow along with this short clip from our recent webinar as Crystal Golightly, our VP of Customer Experience, explains these recent additions. More detail is included below.

Analyst Power 100 Rankings Revealed in ARchitect

Knowing how influential an analyst is can help AR teams prioritize their outreach.

To that end, in ARchitect, users have been able to — and still can — view and sort the analysts in our database by “Influencer Scores.” We calculate these based on a proprietary algorithm that factors in the volume, frequency and recency of an analyst’s published research and media coverage, along with the number of interactions that analyst has with ARchitect users. Scores get updated daily; the higher the score, the more influential the analyst. The top 100 analysts, ranked by their Influencer Score, form the ARchitect Analyst Power 100.

It can be helpful to view the scores and rankings together. So to complement the “Influencer Score” field in the ARchitect Analyst Finder, we’ve now introduced a “Power 100” field as well. This makes it easy to determine which analysts are the top influencers, gives more context to the Influencer Score, and allows you to see, at a glance, how an analyst’s score correlates with their ranking. 

We’ve also extended the rankings beyond just 100 to include all analysts with an Influencer Score. 

These additions can help you identify analyst targets and finetune outreach plans. For example, when searching our database, you can filter by your coverage area and sort by the “Power 100” field — clearly seeing who covers your market and is a top influencer who you may not be interacting with yet. 

To add the Power 100  field in ARchitect, hover over Columns in the Finder and select “Power 100.” 

Power 100 Field

Managing Coverage Notifications

ARchitect now supports email coverage notifications, so you’re always up to date on the latest published research that mentions your company. With this launch, notifications include your own company’s coverage, and we plan to extend this to mentions of other companies and key topics you’d like to track. 

You can select what type of mentions to track (e.g., blog, research, etc.) and the frequency with which you’d like emails sent to you (e.g., daily, as research/articles appear, etc.). To set this up, click on “Manage Notifications” on the Notifications module on the Dashboard, or on Notifications in the tabs, as shown below. You can update your preferences at any time.

Adding notifications

Ascending & Descending Sort for Better Organization

Now, the columns on any finder page or grid — such as the analyst search page, your interaction overviews, your project lists, etc. — have been updated to include clearer ascending and descending sort options. Simply click the ellipsis to the right of the column name to reflect how you’d like that column (and table) to be organized.

Sort ascending or descending in ARchitect

To sort multiple columns, select ascending or descending of your “primary sort” column, then choose the next one for your “secondary sort” column, third one for “tertiary sort,” etc. You can also click on the arrow to clear the sorting of any column.  Stay tuned for further enhancements, as we integrate ARchitect with more workflow tools. If you’re a customer with questions about how to use these new additions, or have feedback and requests, please reach out to us at