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  • Industry Leader

    “ARInsights is a valued business partner of ours with a great product. We have been using ARchitect for many years - not only for its powerful database but to more successfully manage and streamline the day-to-day activities of our AR department.”
    Gerry Van Zandt, HP Analyst Relations

  • Strategic Communications

    “ARchitect allows us to be smarter, and more strategic about analyst communications. Smarter, in that it provides us with a single platform for targeting, tracking and sharing information about important influencers. More strategic, because it helps us analyze and improve our communications efforts, and to articulate AR’s value to management.”
    Phil Nash, Director, Industry Analyst Relations, Symantec

ARchitect helps analyst relations professionals manage their workflow from a single application. Learn how our market-leading software can help you:


Our continuously updated database of 7,600* analysts from 785* different firms lets you develop a target list of analysts your company should focus on.


Our tools empower you to have strong interactions with analysts by helping you create focused briefings, presentations, and product information.

Monitor Research

ARchitect's custom services help you keep track of what the latest analyst research is saying about your company.

Generate Metrics

ARchitect's user-friendly analytical features create metrics to help you communicate your AR program's results.

Download White Paper: Automation in Analyst Relations by Merv Adrian, Gartner Inc.
Download White Paper: Software Options for Analyst Relations by Peggy O'Neill, Informatica

*real time information

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