Analyst 5-Year Scenario: Implications for AR of Acquisitions and AI

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Registration is now open for the webinar. Carter Lusher, Director of Analyst Relations at Informatica and former research fellow at Gartner, will present a thought-provoking webinar on Tuesday, July 31st at 12 ET/9 PT.

Analyst 5-Year Scenario: Implications for AR of Acquisitions and AI

The IT industry analyst landscape was shaken up by the multi-billion acquisitions of CEB by Gartner and IDC by China Oceanwide. In addition, much has been going on below the surface at Gartner and IDC since the acquisitions were finalized in April and March respectively. Gartner continues to spend millions on advanced technology R&D in areas such as natural language processing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Furthermore, the “Yelp for Enterprise IT” sites continue to gather hundreds of thousands of reviews on enterprise IT products. 2018 will see changes in the IT analyst community as 2017 developments start to gather momentum that will impact how AR plans and strategy not just this year but over next several years.

Key Issues to be addressed in this ARInsights webinar include:

  • How will the expanded footprint of Gartner impact its influence and change how IT vendors brief Gartner analysts?
  • How is IDC’s new owner is changing its strategy and will it become a serious influencer of buyers of technology?
  • How will advance technology change the analyst research methodology and its associated impact on how AR provides information to the analysts?
  • How will the maturing and growing visibility of the crowd-sourced, enterprise IT review sites impact AR strategy on using precious customer references with the traditional analysts?

In addition to a presentation of research and analysis, there will be a Q&A section for engaging the speaker and other participants on these interesting developments in the IT analyst industry.

Speaker: Carter Lusher is long-time player in the analyst game: IT manager end-user client, Research Fellow at Gartner and Ovum, co-founder of analyst-of-the-analysts firm SageCircle, and AR professional. He tweets at @CarterLusher and can be found on LinkedIn at in/CarterLusher.