At ARInsights, we want to introduce you to new faces at the company who are helping advance the ARchitect solution and our customers’ success with it. Recent hire Nick Lombardi, senior software engineer, is one of those people working behind the scenes to make (AR) magic happen!

We caught up with Nick to ask more about his background, role and goals at ARInsights. Read on to learn more. We’re thrilled to have Nick aboard!

Q: Please tell us about your background.

Nick: I’ve been a software developer for 20 years. During my career, I’ve worked on small startup applications, large legacy applications and application suites using Microsoft .NET, Angular, and other development tools and frameworks. 

Q: What interested you about ARInsights?

Nick: The job description was right up my alley! After speaking with Chris [Caruso, ARInsights CTO], I felt I could help the team with the current ARchitect software, as well as the next iteration of ARchitect with newer technology. What I have experience in, and where ARchitect is headed, mesh together really well. I’m an Angular [web application framework] developer. That’s what I spent the last seven years working in, and that’s what ARchitect has been moving to. It’s nice to be able to help the product along in that direction.

Q: What are the benefits of Angular?

Nick: So Angular is a JavaScript-based, front-end development tool. And on the development side, Angular isn’t as process- and code-heavy; it’s lighter. We can be more agile as we implement new features and more easily map the application design to users’ needs.

For users, it provides a more flexible, easy-to-use and even quicker experience, since Angular also results in faster page-loading times.

Q: Please tell us about your role and day-to-day duties at ARInsights.

Nick: Currently, I’m helping to add features — such as enhancements to our Analyst Portal settings, for an even smoother experience for admins, and enhancements to our Premium Content grid — and fix small bugs. I’ll be helping enhance the ARchitect reporting experience too, so the reports users generate are even more valuable, informative, highly visual and quicker to access.

On the Angular side, we’re in the early stages. I’ll be building out the menu bar first — keeping it consistent with what’s in the current application, but also making several subtle enhancements so users can find what they need more easily. After this initial project, I’ll be working with other developers on the team to build out a lot more functionality across the application that’s currently in the design phase.

Q: How do you want to enhance the ARchitect experience for users?

Nick: When we detect bugs, I’m proud to uphold ARInsights’ commitment to responsiveness, as we prioritize the user experience. And as we iterate on ARchitect, I’m looking forward to helping create an even more streamlined and enjoyable experience for users. 

Q: What is your team environment like at ARInsights?

Nick: I love my team! Everybody is willing to help. There’s a lot of communication during the day, which is nice too. And everyone is very organized.

The company culture is great. We have biweekly company meetings so everyone is in the loop and sees each other. Especially when you’re fully remote like we are — it’s great to be able to put a face to all the people you’re interacting with. I’ve also enjoyed our monthly “Thirsty Thursday” virtual happy hours, as a way to socialize with colleagues.

Q: What do you do in your spare time? Do you have any hobbies you can share?

Nick: At home, I enjoy watching movies in my humble basement home theater, playing my arcade cabinet and shooting pool in the game room. I also enjoy doing yard work and sitting out by the pool at night.  

I like to play golf and hike the local trails too. And I’m in a bunch of leagues — golf, bowling and darts — as well.

I’ve been married to my wife Lara for 21 years, and we have a dog named Macy who we rescued three years ago. She’s a 7-year-old cattle dog/corgi mix who enjoys going on walks. We walk the neighborhood twice a day and enjoy playing fetch in the yard.  


Thanks to Nick for his time and contributions already! We look forward to the value he’ll  continue to bring to ARInsights and our ARchitect users.