Introducing ARInsights’ Director of Product Experience

July 30, 2021 — We’re excited to announce the addition of Noah Tsutsui to the ARInsights team as Director of Product Experience. Noah will focus on design and user experience (UX) for the ARchitect platform, helping clients get maximum value from our products, use them efficiently and effectively, and enjoy engaging with them! 

We’re thrilled to have Noah on board, and look forward to benefiting from his expertise and contributions. Read on to learn more about the newest member of our team:

Noah Tsutsui

Q: Can you tell us about your background in product design and UX?

Noah: I come from a design background, working on what used to be called video on-demand products. Now, we all know them as streaming products. For example, I architected and designed the on-screen interface for the Roku 2 and the original Roku Channel Store.

After that, for about eight years, I worked at IMVU, an online “metaverse,” or virtual world, and avatar social platform. IMVU has more than 7 million monthly active users, and my team sought to give them an engaging chat and shopping experience. I worked, first, as lead product designer and then as manager of product design – transitioning to oversee design direction on four different platforms. 

I really enjoy the more strategic aspects of product design, so I can help shape and set principles that impact not only how products are designed, but also how they’re made. Product principles reflect a company’s vision and values, and help set company product design culture – and having an active role in defining them is both exciting and rewarding.

Q: What is your role at ARInsights? What types of projects will you be tackling?

Noah: I have a dual design and product role. My responsibilities encompass:

  • Coordinating with the ARInsights leadership team (including our CEO and VP of Customer Experience and Operations) about product and design enhancements and priorities, to make sure we’re best serving the needs of users.
  • Engaging with customers directly, to hear from them how they’re using our solutions – What’s working? Where can we improve?
  • Taking this input and coming up with product definitions for what our engineers need to build.
  • Helping design the updates and enhancements, aligning them with optimized workflows.
  • Working directly with our engineers to implement improvements as designed or balance aesthetics with a snappy user experience.

Because B2B end-users are also consumers in their personal lives, they’re accustomed to intuitive, high-impact, accessible experiences across the apps and services they use. These experiences raise the bar for all types of interactions, both personal and business-oriented. ARInsights is already a leader in easy-to-use, results-driven AR management software, and I’m looking forward to applying my background in the consumer space to bring even more of those consumer-minded qualities and principles to the ARchitect user experience.

Q: Why are you excited to join the company?

Noah: I’d heard good things about ARInsights from multiple friends and professional contacts in the PR space, including agency principals. I was intrigued, and as I dug into the company and the space, I really liked what I heard and wanted to get involved. As I transition from product design and leadership in the B2C space to that role in B2B, it’s exciting to be working with, and influencing design for, this industry leader.

Another factor that drew me to ARInsights is the ability to wear many hats – working across functions and impacting our solution in a variety of ways. I’m addicted to the hustle of fast-paced, collaborative environments, and enjoy shaping and having my hands in a variety of projects that will have a positive impact on customers. 

Q: Based on your many years in the field, and your personal experiences, how do you make a good user experience?

Noah: To build delightful, intuitive user experiences, you need three major components. First is the learned skill of talking to users directly through interviews and gathering data through surveys. Once you have and analyze that information, you can build easy-to-understand personas, explaining a set of users’ attributes and motivations, which can be used as a “North Star” to guide the user experience and visual design. Next, you need a passion for constantly learning new tools and techniques. Roughly every five years, a new set of tools become the standard for product design, and they speed up the design process substantially. And lastly, you need a solid team of product thinkers and engineers who can work with product design to implement new features. Having that last piece is rare, but it will propel your designs from good to great. I’ve been very lucky in my career to have worked with people like that, and certainly anticipate more great experiences at ARInsights. 

Q: Can you share any fun facts about yourself or hobbies you engage in?

Noah: Sure; here are some of my interests outside of work:

  • My family – I have a 4-year-old daughter and another on the way. Our house is overrun with Disney princess dolls and Duplo blocks!
  • I’m an amateur woodworker and builder, and in my spare time, I build furniture – mostly tables and chairs.
  • I enjoy video games and eSports – in particular, Street Fighter and Capcom vs. fighting games. 
  • I’m also really interested in the science and philosophy of learning – how people learn, and how I can teach people new things in a way that doesn’t feel pedantic or academic.  After taking a Coursera course on the topic, I became fascinated with how people can actually improve their ability and efficiency to learn new topics, even as they get older. Keeping a growth mindset is required for a career in the tech industry, and learning how to improve my own ability to learn has been a professional superpower. 

Across my work life and personal life, I have a passion for computing usability in addition to all things that fall under “computing.” I’m looking forward to applying that passion, as I engage with ARInsights customers and the ARInsights team.