ARchitect User Forum 2019 – Presenter: Leo Kluger, IBM


If you’re a 108-year old company, you need to constantly change, so transformation is ever-present across the IBM Corporation. IBM’s worldwide Analyst Relations team reflects this dynamism, and we’ve relied heavily on ARchitect to support and enable our evolution.

At this session, you’ll hear how IBM-AR has used innovative data management, metrics and analytics to directly attribute quarterly marketing and sales pipeline and wins to individual AR initiatives.

We’ll review how ARchitect is used as a system of record to fuel first-of-a-kind Natural Language Processing (NLP) analytics that gauge IBM’s share of voice, sentiment and Analyst influence.

We’ll also discuss our ongoing ARchitect journey, where we’re introducing new, data-driven processes, transforming the platform from a passive, relationship-management tool into an essential daily dashboard and system of engagement that enables AR Pros to work smarter and more efficiently.

Presenter: Leo Kluger is currently Principal Data Scientist for IBM’s worldwide Analyst Relations team. Previously, he was the data science practice leader with IBM’s Chief Analytics Office. He was also founding manager of the worldwide database analytics team in IBM’s Market Intelligence unit.

Leo received his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania, and a dual MBA in both Information Systems and Marketing, from New York University’s Stern school of business.

Outside IBM, Leo is Chair of the Association of National Advertisers’ Analytics Council, where he’s also editor of their yearly Analytics Journal. He is also a member of the Rutgers Business School Industry Advisory Board. Leo was the editor of IBM’s Academy of Technology publications group, and is a member of the AoT leadership team. He was awarded a US patent, and has several more patent disclosures in the pipeline. Leo also plays the violin and is a private pilot, but not at the same time. He’s the proud father of nine children, including two beautiful sisters recently adopted from Yaroslavl, Russia.