ARchitect User Forum 2019 – Presenter: Dave Matson, Dell Technologies


It’s expected that PR takes the lead when it comes to measuring Share of Voice (SOV).  But what if there was a way to also measure Analyst SOV in a way that’s consistent with how PR measures SOV?  In recent months, Dell Technologies has collaborated with ARchitect to do just that; measure Analyst SOV in a way that’s consistent with how business leaders expect to see results.

Dave will present insights from his experience measuring Analyst SOV and the actions that have resulted from some of the initial findings.  Fluctuations in Analyst SOV from month to month and quarter to quarter can shed a light on what’s working and where the opportunities lie to do more.

Presenter: Dave Matson is an Analyst Relations Manager at Dell Technologies, covering Services & Digital among other areas of the business. He has extensive experience in technology services marketing and communications and previously worked in a product management and marketing capacity at Forrester Research in Cambridge, MA. He tweets at @dcmatson and can be found on LinkedIn at in/davematson1/.