ARchitect User Forum 2019 – Presenter: Cathy Mullaney, Verizon


Faced with slim resources and big objectives, the Verizon team was tasked with delivering insight and value back to the business.  Since they are distributed globally and seeing a convergence in areas of coverage, it is important they maintain line of sight into ongoing activities by their teammates.  Using ARchitect daily and reinforcing the notion that quality input produces quality output, the team is able to showcase success at a moment’s notice.

Presenter:  Cathy Mullaney is the Director Strategic Marketing including activities for all Verizon Business Group: Analyst Relations, Competitive Intelligence, Strategic Program Office and Near-term marketing strategy. She’s invigorated by the opportunity to share insights within the company that make Verizon smarter and faster in the ever-changing marketplace and embraces the challenge to influence industry analysts so they can appreciate the vision Verizon possesses and how they execute against the vision on a daily basis.  She accomplishes this is by crafting and institutionalizing unique efforts, knowing the business challenges and understanding how the analyst and influencer community works. Cathy received her MBA at Loyola Business School in 2001. She is also a Certified Industry Analyst Relations Professional and has been recognized by TMT News as the “best female Analyst Relations Professional in North America and in Telecommunications” Connect with her on Twitter and LinkedIn.