ARchitect User Forum 2019 – ARInsights Presenters: Andy McLandrich, Crystal Golightly, Shashank Kulkarni


ARchitect Feature Enhancements 2019

Presenter: Andy McLandrich is a Senior Applications Developer at ARInsights. He has been a part of the team since 2017 where he is responsible for providing a modern and functional UI combined with a powerful database that provides analyst quotes, tweets, and searchable content. Andy will be presenting features and updates that were added to ARchitect in the past year. He can be found on LinkedIn at in/andymclandrich.

Build Your AR Plans with Planned Research & Events

Presenter: Crystal Golightly has been with ARInsights since 2011 where she is responsible for full life-cycle client development. She works closely with clients to understand their requirements, support product implementation and provide on-going relationship management. Crystal will be presenting on the advantages of our Event Management feature aligned with planned research from top firms. She can be found on LinkedIn at in/crystalgolightly.

ARInsights Update & ARchitect Roadmap 2020 

Presenter: Shashank Kulkarni is the CEO at ARInsights. Prior to the beginnings of ARchitect, Shashank was a Partner at the Parthenon Group and Vice President at Instinet Corporation. He splits his time between the Greater New York City Area and the Greater Miami Area. Shashank will be presenting organizational updates and growth as well as the technology roadmap going forward and initiatives. He can be found on LinkedIn at in/shashankkulkarni.