ARchitect User Forum 2018 Presenter: Arthur Bailey, Samsung Electronics America

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Samsung’s Analyst Portal – One Year Later

The Samsung Electronics America team launched their Analyst Relations Portal over a year ago. In this presentation, Arthur will discuss the progress made thus far and lessons learned. The Portal was conceived as a solution for analysts to view Samsung’s announcements and content at any time and from any location. Receiving hundreds of inbound inquiries from analysts each month, Samsung launched the Portal to reach analysts at scale, without having to conduct dozens of briefings and calls for every new product launch or feature change. With the Portal, Samsung can control which analysts have access, decide which content is available to each analyst, and immediately email a notification to analysts once new content is added – instantly logging that interaction and delivering a consistent cadence of communication with its target analysts.

Presenter: Arthur Bailey is the Public Relations and Analyst Relations Lead for Samsung Electronics America and previously worked in enterprise communications for such well-known brands as Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Microsoft. He may be found on LinkedIn at in/arthurbailey.