ARchitect User Forum 2018 – Presenter Announcement: Rose Batia, Nutanix

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Building a Rock Solid AR Program Beyond Gartner

Building out an AR Program is a fun and challenging experience. Walking into this role with some relevant experience from Gartner provides a great starting point, but is only part of the process. ARchitect provides a platform to research relevant analysts, read and track what they are saying, and even helps build deeper relationships by providing tools to help manage daily activities and high profile events!

Presenter:  Rose Batia is the Head of Analyst Relations at Nutanix. She has an extensive background working in and with F1000 companies globally in Analyst Relations, Sales! Not exactly the traditional route to this role, but in her last sales role before transitioning to AR Head at Nutanix, Rose worked for Gartner, the industry giant which provided her foray into the AR World. Rose will provide her insights on making this transition and setting up a global program at one of the fastest growing companies at a billion+ in revenue.  Rose can be found on LinkedIn at in/roseberube/.