Informatica – Building Strong Relationships

Building Strong Relationships
with Industry Analysts for Competitive Differentiation


Monthly reports which used to take five hours to generate, are now cranked out in 15 minutes after implementing ARchitect.

Peggy O'Neill - Vice President, Industry Analyst Relations @ Informatica LLC


Informatica boasts the broadest ecosystem of support in the software industry. It has 500+ partners and works with a network of 350,000+ skilled Informatica developers worldwide. Due to its best-of-breed approach in every market it competes in, Informatica has a proven track record of working closely with the industry analyst community. Organic growth and growth through acquisitions means the analyst relations team is always busy cultivating new analysts while maintaining strong relations with longtime watchers.


Informatica had a positive history of working with analysts, but still had a significant amount of manual processes and siloed information about analysts throughout the company. Critical data existed within Excel spreadsheets, email, and network file shares with very little automation and workflow. Thus, it was often difficult to get detailed information about past analyst interactions.

Saving Time and Targeting Unfamiliar Analysts

Benefits of using ARchitect were immediate and dramatic. Monthly reports, which used to take four to five hours to generate, are now cranked out in 15 minutes. ARchitect’s ability to create custom fields for interactions meant Informatica could now start tracking interactions easily by product, region, and analyst. Informatica also makes regular use of ARchitect’s feature to create custom analyst groups for its sprawling portfolio. Also, at company events with analyst programs, there is the need to send multiple update emails, often unplanned and time sensitive. ARchitect’s email function, along with an event-specific Analyst Group, make it fast and painless to send out group emails.

ARchitect’s analyst database is also very useful in time sensitive situations where unfamiliar analysts are concerned and gives AR teams the information they need to advise executives about a new group of analysts, giving them confidence in devising messaging and briefing content. By targeting unfamiliar analysts with appropriate contect in a timely manner, Informatica enjoys positive analyst commentary on acquisitions and other corporate news and eliminates surprises.