How Does the Influencer Score Work?

ARchitect Influencer Score is a metric that ARInsights has developed to rank technology industry analysts.  It is based on a proprietary algorithm that we have developed and refined with over 15 years experience of working with analysts.  The algorithm leverages ARchitect users’ Interactions with analysts in aggregate.  The users’ Interaction information is then weighted by the amount of research an analyst publishes and how often the analyst is quoted in the media.

Every technology analyst is ranked based on this metric and the top analysts are displayed as our ARchitect Analyst Power 100 list.  ARchitect users can find the score of each analyst in ARchitect and use it to discover the analysts that they should be working with for each coverage area. Learn more about the Influencer Score in “The Influencer Score Explained” datasheet.  

Download "The Influencer Score Explained"

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